David Hershberger

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Unwheeldy, an amphibious all-terrain human-powered vehicle. It requires two pilots, each pedalling one wheel. This "cooperative steering" is both hilarious and maddening.  The swinging and rolling makes it feel like an amusement park ride.
Restriction Schedule editor thumbnail imagePrototype of a schedule editor for a parolee restriction system, written in Java. Unlike a typical calendar interface this only had a few entries, but each could span complicated time ranges.
A working prototype of a novelty soap dispenser. Push down on the nose, and soap comes out of a nostril. Childish humor certainly, but once I thought of it I couldn't sleep until I tried it out.  Definitely worth it. Processed image of dave's faceProcessing live video through a series of filters and reconstructing it with rectangles, polygons, and curves gives interesting effects.
Stainless steel flowers for my parents' wedding anniversary. gravity game thumbnailI thought it would be fun to make an old-style 2D space game with gravity, so I wrote this little proto-game. Everything gravitates around everything else, so shots whip around planets, and ships can orbit each other.
Steel robin, made for a friend who loves birds. Another gravity-based toy, this time in Flash.